80's Drum Machine Vst Free

In celebration, MusicRadar presents a rundown of the machines that gave us the sounds that defined a decade. If you want to take your music back to the '80s, these are the instruments (whether in real or software form) that you need to seek out. Oberheim DX/DMX Drum Machine. EXD-80 Drum Synthesizer – Free VST Instrument EXD-80 is a free 32-bit VST instrument plugin for Windows. It’s a virtual analog drum and percussion synthesizer and it’s highly configurable.

The famous Linndrum LM-1 drum machine !
Here’s a selection of 3 free VSTi that try to emulate the sound of the LM-1.


1. JM-1 VST by Jun’s Factory

Info & download : http://www.aaa-int.or.jp/jfactory/projects/VST/

A Synthedit creation with good quality samples. It’s Windows only and 32 bit.
There is a volume and a pan control for each element.

2. DJinnDrum VST by SimpleRecorder

DJinnDrum LM-1 VSTi

direct download for Windows
direct download for Mac OS X — UPDATE !!—

This one has a more dry sound, you may need to add EQ + COMP after.
It doesn’t feature the “ride” sound nor the “crash”.
But it have pitch control for some sounds!
It comes in 32 & 64 bit version for Windows
NEW!! and it also have a free VST MAC OS X version !!

3. Linn LM-1 VST by MH Music

info & download : https://web.archive.org/web/20131122002253/http://www.mhmusic.dk/plug-ins

80's Drum Machine Vst Free Download

This plugin is freeware and has been released as VST for Windows and AudioUnit for Mac.
It has been made with Maize Sampler.
It’s a multi out VST : each sound is routed on a stereo pair:
bassdrum on channels 1-2, snare on channels 3-4, etc..

80's Drum Machine Vst Free Crack

4. TheDrumSource VST drum sampler + LM-1 Soundbank

The Drum Source VST

TheDrumSource + Linn LM1 (LM-1) Drum Set by rossf

80's Drum Machine Vst Free Downloads

With many quality sample kit of the LM1 floating around the web, you can also use your favorite drum sampler and load the wav files into it.
You can use the old Linplug RM F VST or the good TX16Wx, or any sampler able to load wav files and trigger the sound with MIDI.