How To Install The Vst Plugins For Obs

Installing a plugin in OBS is very easy, you just have to make sure you are installing a plugin for the correct version of OBS. If you downloaded the OBS installer and used the default location the file paths will look like this on a 64bit Windows:

If you haven't installed any VST plugins you probably have not got the VST plugin variable set in you system there are a number of different ways of doing this, if you install cakewalk the will set it up for you, otherwise make a VSTplugins in both your 'program files' and you your 'program file(x86)' directory and edit your registry file. I install OBS studio to D drive and i dont know how to install VST plugin. Help me please fast, regards.

  • C:Program Files(x86)OBSplugins
    • 32bit plugins go here
  • C:Program FilesOBSplugins (old OBS versions used: C:Program Files(x86)OBS64bitplugins)
    • 64bit plugins go here

Like this on a 32bit Windows:

How to install the vst plugins for obs plugins

And if you downloaded the Binaries as a Zip file for example, you will have a file path like this:

How To Install The Vst Plugins For Obs S For Delaying Audio

How To Install The Vst Plugins For Obs
  • OBS32bitplugins
    • 32bit plugins go here
  • OBS64bitplugins
    • 64bit plugins go here

If you are not sure which version is being started by the Shortcut you currently use, just right-click the Shortcut and click on “Open file location”. Alternatively you can also check the OBS log-file. To find the latest log, inside OBS click on Settings -> Open Log Folder. And check the version notice in one of the logfiles.
Now after you downloaded your desired plugin you wish to install, its probably the easiest way to extract it into a temporary folder. Especially if you installed OBS into the program files folder you wont need to run WinRar or a similar program with administrative rights. In this temporary folder you will have one dll file and depending on the plugin maybe a subfolder with more stuff. All of these files just have to be moved into the earlier mentioned plugins folder of the correct OBS version you are using. Keep subfolders etc. intact and make sure they land directly in the plugins folder.
Make sure your OBS was closed, or restart it after installing plugins, and then you can click on the Plugins button in OBS to check that your newly installed ones are showing up:

Some plugins also offer configuration options while others allow you to add other stuff to your sources, so this the next step from here depends on your plugin. Have fun!

In the future OBS will probably provide its own plugin installer which will ease the whole process of installing a plugin. But for the moment a few mouse-clicks have to be done! As always please comment if you found a mistake or have an addition.